The Flow Focusing technology
Microscopic sight of microcapsules
Microcapsules characterisation

AMAY is a CRAFT project funded by the European Union under the Sixth framework programme 

CRAFT (Co-operative Research Actions for Technologies) is a specific EU-Programme adapted to the requirements of small – and medium-sized enterprises (SME) which do not have the research and financial resources to transform their innovative ideas into products or processes. Within the Amay project, the required scientific and technological research is assigned to 3 RTD performers which work in cooperation with 9 industries and end-users.
Project details:
Full title: Maximising yield of effective compounds and development of cosmetic products with standardised content of these compounds
Acronym: AMAY
Contract number: COOP-CT-2005-513216-AMAY
Project duration: April 2005 - April 2007
Project objectives:

The project aims at obtaining:

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